About Us

Hello and welcome to the ROCK-N-ROLL CITY CLEVELAND Chapter webpage. Our Chapter is an affiliate of HOG (Harley Owners Group) sponsored through ROCK-N-ROLL CITY Harley-Davidson of Cleveland, Ohio. Our club was founded in 1986 with a handful of Harley enthusiasts (some of which still ride with the Chapter today) to well over 100 members all enjoying the benefits of being a ROCK-N-ROLL CITY CLEVELAND HOG member. We are a social organization all sharing one main interest and that is the love and passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our group is diverse with members of all ages and different walks of life making the club even more interesting. We are a riding club with a ride schedule that will make even the most seasoned riders envious.

You will find a saddlebag full of information here on the website. Please feel free to look around and learn more about ROCK-N-ROLL CITY CLEVELAND HOG. You can check out a full calendar of rides, activities, safety information, and social events all here on the website. We truly strive to have something for everyone. We offer several benefits by becoming a member including a monthly membership meeting (check our calendar), a newsletter with information updates and changes, Ladies of Harley, and as mentioned, a ride schedule to beat all including weekly Sunday rides, overnighters, rally’s (state and national), and extended trips. We even have weekday and evening rides if you just can’t get enough! What better way to meet new friends who enjoy riding Harley’s as much as you do.

ROCK-N-ROLL CITY CLEVELAND Chapter is very fortunate to have the support of our sponsoring dealer ROCK-N-ROLL CITY Harley-Davidson of Cleveland. Please stop into the dealership and meet the team. They will be happy to serve you with any of your Harley needs. They are located at 4985 W. 150th St. Or just click on the link and go right to their webpage.

Check the Calendar Page for our gatherings, rides, events, and any last minute changes. If you are a national H.O.G. member and are ever in the area, feel free to stop in and join us. Our gatherings are held the second Sunday of each month at Rock N Roll City Harley Davidson at 10.00 am.

We hope we have given you enough information to come check us out. Please accept our personal invitation to join us or feel free to contact any officer with other questions you might have. We promise you a fun time with friendly people and remember you are only a stranger once with ROCK-N-ROLL CITY CLEVELAND HOG. Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we hope to meet you soon.

Our Riding Style

We follow the road riding guidelines set up by the American Motorcycle Association. Below is an overview of what to expect on a chapter led ride (this includes rides organized by Rock n Roll City Harley Davidson that are chapter led). Our 2023 group riding manual.

  1. We ride in a staggered formation, alternating left – right down the group
  2. We DO NOT turn right at red lights
  3. We DO NOT run red lights
  4. We DO NOT block traffic
  5. Use hand and turn signals to indicate lane changes, turns, and road debris
  6. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol use. If it is determined that someone is under the influence, they will be excluded form the ride
  7. All guests and anyone under the age of 18 must sign a waiver

This is by no means complete list. For further information, follow the above links.

Chapter Officers

You can reach out to any officer with questions you may have.


Mary Burns


Assistant Director/Membership Officer

Erika Hahn



Chuck Smick



Alison Kennat


Head Road Captain

Ian Lyons


Safety Officer

David Hahn




Denise Diluciano


Activities Director

Norma Hammond



Clint Felker



Robert Moore



Anna Zill-Jones