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A Little Story by RJM

Now that our new website is up and running and has this fantastic blog section to share stories, I wanted to
share a bit of my journey with you.
My life behind bars started just seven years ago in the spring of 2015; yep 2015. It was then my father in law
was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Because of this, I knew I wanted to spend my days really living life but
wasn’t sure what I needed. While sitting around with my brother in law, he brought up the idea of riding
motorcycles together. Could this be something that I could get into?
A month later I found my way into a motorcycle dealer and purchased a used V Star 250. I didn’t want to spend
a ton of money on some “hobby” that may be short lived- ask the wife; I had a ton of them over the years.
I know 250cc is small. But I knew absolutely nothing about riding techniques and rules of the road. The internet
and Youtube became close friends as I tried to input as much information that my brain could hold about riding.
I rode side streets around me, took rides through our Metropark system; building skill and confidence along the
I decided to test my luck and take the Vstar on a short highway trip. I could barely get up to 60 mph and when
a truck passed me, the wind threw it around like a rag doll. I knew I needed something bigger
I walked into Rock N Roll City Harley Davidson a month later and met Kyle Long- and a few weeks later came
home with my first Harley; a 2015 883 sportster. Yes, I know 883cc is small. But it’s a Harley and it was all
That ride didn’t last long either. From there it was a 2015 Dyna Switchback, a 2016 Road Glide Ultra, a 2018
Electra Glide Ultra, 2020 Limited, and now a 2022 Limited. To say I have a problem is an understatement.
Each year I put about 10,000 miles down to work out the problem, and I keep smiling the whole time.
In 2016, that first ride was handed off to my 16 year old son. I taught him what I have learned and soon he
bought his first Harley. We had some great adventures over the years including Tail of the Dragon and
Cherohala Skyway.
When I got the first Harley, I joined the local chapter. I wanted to meet other riders and volunteer to support the
group. Because I had my son on the wing side for years, I became comfortable leading riders on adventures
and was given the chance to be a road captain in 2019; and in 2020 became director for this awesome group
of people
The start of 2020 was a little rough. Most places closed doors- rides and events were canceled. It required
more changes in thinking; more “outside the box”- which the officers tackled well. Regardless, we never
stopped doing the two most important things- “riding and having fun”
If I have learned any “life lesson” over the last seven years of riding and the last three of being director of this
chapter it is this: In times of sadness, look inside you for the answer of what in life brings you joy. Family-
friends- and the feeling of the wind are my answers; and I’m pretty sure they are for most of us
My father-in-law passed away in 2016; and my brother-in-law with the riding idea still doesn’t ride. RJM

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